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Août 8, 2021

Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting

Hosting is unequal to the web host. There are several types of hosting, so every enterprise can choose the perfect solution for themselves. So let’s get to know what dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and shared hosting are.

Dedicated hosting

One solution that a large number of companies choose is dedicated hosting. The enterprise then receives the server for its exclusive use. One of the greatest advantages of this option is that it greatly reduces the effects that can occur when sharing a server with other users.

The entire server area is at the disposal of one company. This increases disk performance and allows you to independently choose the operating system and software to handle the data on it.

Who uses dedicated hosting the most? Often these are large online stores that need specific space for their activities and want to be sure of reliable server operation. Banks or large-scale and reach organizations are also inclined to this option.

VPS hosting

The second type of service is VPS hosting, i.e. Virtual Private Server. This is an intermediate solution. It consists in making part of the space on the server available to one user, while the disk space is already divided among a larger number of users.

The advantage, however, is that you still have a separate operating system and software. This solution is ideal for people who value the convenience of using their space tailored to their own needs, but at the same time do not have to buy the entire server. Therefore, they use the space that is sufficient for their online activities.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest option. This service is addressed to many users with different needs. This solution can be classified as the cheapest, but still safe. It is most often used by small businesses or bloggers.

It is therefore a great alternative for people with low initial requirements. However, it is worth remembering that such a server has limited resources. However, its stability is no longer as secure and reliable as in the case of the two previous solutions. So if your website traffic spikes sharply, the purchased resources may be exhausted quickly. This in turn means that the site is temporarily blocked. On the other hand, if the number of visitors is high at the same time, the server performance will slow down. This will translate into slow page loading.

We have personally checked which option is the most optimal for most users. It is a VPS hosting that allows you to set security parameters for each user separately, and to remain independent from other websites. A VPS server with administrators’ support and monitoring is the most desirable and reliable option, and at the same time attractive in terms of price.

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