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Août 8, 2021

Many people starting their adventure with the world of the Internet struggle with the ignorance of certain concepts, thanks to which creating your own website or online store is much easier and more understandable. Hosting, domain, server – what are they? We explain!


Let’s start with the concept of a domain. It is simply the website address where your resources will be available. Each domain is unique and cannot be repeated. Thanks to this, a person interested in reading its content will not have to worry about being redirected to a completely different page.


The domain will lead the Client to the content that is placed after its address. The domain won’t repeat itself and other users won’t use it anymore. Only the person or company that purchased it will have access to it.


Another important piece of information about a domain is the possibility of creating subdomainsbelonging to it. These are additional addresses that are created within your domain, free of charge. Therefore, you can create many pages, such as blog subject categories or product categories in an online store.

Www server

As the owner, you need disk space where you can share photos, videos, articles and other resources. The aforementioned drives are the web server, which is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These disks are found in computers that work continuously.


There is space on them that can be rented by private persons as well as companies that want to set up a website for the desired purpose. The space, depending on the offer, may differ in terms of detailed functions, possibilities, size as well as customer service support.


Web hosting is nothing more than a service provided by hosting companies that rent space on their servers. Hosting services are the rental of your space on the network, thanks to which you can place files of your choice on the server for a specified period of time.


It is worth remembering that the concept of hosting and server are often used interchangeably. This is because they have a lot in common and many connections.


SSL certificate

Do you associate the padlock icon, which often appears in the address bar next to the entered website address? Note that apart from the padlock, the address itself changes from http to https. This is a sign that the website has been properly secured and has an SSL certificate. The use of this protocol also allows you to confirm the credibility of the website owner and the domain owned by him.


The SSL certificate is used to encrypt the data transferred between the website user and the server. It ensures secure communication and maintains the confidentiality of the data used. The certificate should be used by all websites that require data processing. We are talking about online stores, portals that require logging in, or forums. On all of them, it is necessary to provide data in the form of login and password, so you should take care of their security.


Remember! Start by choosing a domain and then the hosting company where you will host the desired files. Take care of the safety of people using your website. Hosting, domain, server and SSL certification are fundamental services that will give you a strong start in the world of the Internet.

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