How fast web hosting affects the quality of your website?

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Août 8, 2021

How fast web hosting affects the quality of your website?

Are you aware of how fast web host affects the quality of your website? Many factors affect how quickly a website loads on the screen of the interested user. Therefore, speed should be considered in the first stage of project planning.

Efficient web hosting

The influence of hosting on the loading speed of the website is very often underestimated. Users often conduct in-depth analysis and optimization of both the code and the graphics, but the page load time is still not satisfactory. In this case, if all the other things and parameters are working smoothly, then the hosting issue remains.

If your website loads too slowly, according to statistics, it can reduce its conversion by up to several percent. This is a big loss that online businesses certainly cannot afford. Commercial sites should therefore make sure hosting performance is very high before purchasing it.

Checking the quality of the web server

Do you already have a website, but you are not satisfied with its loading speed? Still, despite the optimization, the loading quality of the website is relatively low?

If the above problems apply to you, perhaps it will be worth considering changing the server to a more professional one, adapted to your needs and network standards?

To make sure that the quality of the server is the cause of your failures, you can perform one of the free tests using the tools available on the web. Thanks to it, you will learn all the important parameters of the server on which your website is located.

You can know the HTTP transmission time, ping, i.e. average latency, server software, scripting language, supported certificates, or the geographic location of the server.

However, it is worth focusing on the transmission time. In this particular case, it is one of the most important parameters for you. If your site is commercial in nature and has a large number of users every day, then HTTP transmission times of less than one second are your best bet.

Influence of web hosting parameters on SEO

Another important issue is the impact of the quality of web hosting on website positioning. This is not just content as many users seem to think. It is also necessary to pay attention to the technical aspects of the website. We are talking here about the website loading speed and its availability, reliability, SSL certificate security, and responsiveness.

Many of these parameters can be optimized if you use good quality web hosting. Hosting companiesoffer comprehensive services. Among them there is often help in transferring data to their server, or securing the website against hacking attacks. The team of the hosting company often offers help in many aspects, the impact of which on the website positioning is very large.

If the website is not loaded relatively quickly, it will be considered unfriendly by Google, which in turn will translate into its position in the search results. Obviously, this is one of the factors that Google takes into account, but it can definitely be worked on.

We hope we were able to explain the basic information on how fast web hosting affects the quality of your website. Remember that the NetworkManager team is at your disposal and will help you choose the best hosting service tailored to your needs and the needs of your business.

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