N70.2 【無料雑誌付き】ノーラン GT NOLAN サイズ:2XL Helmet(イエロー-ブラック)N7G000370026 N-Com Bellavista ヘルメット
N70.2 【無料雑誌付き】ノーラン GT NOLAN サイズ:2XL Helmet(イエロー-ブラック)N7G000370026 N-Com Bellavista ヘルメット
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●メーカー名:ノーラン / NOLAN
●商品名:N70.2 GT Bellavista N-Com Helmet(イエロー-ブラック)N7G000370026



品番:N7G0003700269 EAN:8030635266719 カラー:イエロー-ブラック、サイズ:XXS
品番:N7G0003700267 EAN:8030635258035 カラー:イエロー-ブラック、サイズ:XS
品番:N7G0003700265 EAN:8030635249507 カラー:イエロー-ブラック、サイズ:S
品番:N7G0003700262 EAN:8030635249491 カラー:イエロー-ブラック、サイズ:M
品番:N7G0003700261 EAN:8030635249484 カラー:イエロー-ブラック、サイズ:L
品番:N7G0003700266 EAN:8030635258028 カラー:イエロー-ブラック、サイズ:XL
品番:N7G0003700268 EAN:8030635258042 カラー:イエロー-ブラック、サイズ:2XL
品番:N7G000370026X EAN:8030635266726 カラー:イエロー-ブラック、サイズ:3XL

This is Nolan’s new top-of-the range road crossover which maintains and enriches the much-appreciated characteristics of its predecessor the N44. It is characterized by an unmistakable design its many technical features and the ample range of colours and graphics available. Its compact size (thanks to the availability of two outer shell sizes) double P/J homologation ultrawide visor VPS sunscreen (adjustable to various positions and fitted with the automatic repositioning system) AirBooster Technology upper ventilation system double lever Microlock2 retention system with micrometric regulation innovative Clima Comfort inner padding (with micro-perforated fabric and adjustable neck-roll) and set up for the N-Com communication system make the N70-2 GT the definitive road crossover for the most demanding of motorbike tourists.

Nolan N70.2 GT Bellavista N-Com Helmet features:P/J Homologation: The helmet is approved in P/J double configuration as the removable protective chin guard has passed the homologation tests required by UN/ECE regulations for full face helmets.
Ultrawide Visor: The large surface of the S/R (Scratch Resistant) visor makes it possible to have a broader view also lateral thus highly increasing active safety. Furthermore the particularly wide window allows the helmet to be used with a mask even with the visor fitted and open.
Pinlock(R) fog-resistant inner visor: Supplied according to segment. Thanks to the patented adjusting system the stretch of the Pinlock(R) inner visor can be adjusted acting from the exterior of the visor without the necessity of removing. The Full Silicone Border (FSB) adopted under licence from Pinlock(R) allows first of all for an increase in the size of the air chamber located between the helmet exterior and interior thus further reducing the risk of fogging; secondly it reduces the risk of scratches to the visor.
Set up for n-com communication system: The helmet is set up and approved with installed n-com communication system and with the innovative ess (emergency stop signal). N-com compatibility B901l r series - b601 r series - ess - mcs iii r series
Possible Configurations: The helmet can be used in six different configurations. N70-2 GT is in fact characterized by the presence of a visor and a removable protective chin guard which can be fitted to the helmet either individually or together or alternatively removed completely. In addition to these elements there is a peak (available according to segment) which can be fitted in place of the visor.
Moreover the ventilation system features: - a chin guard air intake
This allows ventilation at mouth level and directs air straight to the visor limiting fogging; - rear extractors They allow for the expulsion of hot and stale air guaranteeing optimal comfort inside the helmet.


N70.2 【無料雑誌付き】ノーラン GT NOLAN サイズ:2XL Helmet(イエロー-ブラック)N7G000370026 N-Com Bellavista ヘルメット

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N70.2 【無料雑誌付き】ノーラン GT NOLAN サイズ:2XL Helmet(イエロー-ブラック)N7G000370026 N-Com Bellavista ヘルメット


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